A few more days and it’s here!

Only a few more days to go and update 1.04 will be released! You can find the changelog in the official thread

In preparation to this day, I’ve already created the splash screen style for the new version, tell me what you think! 😀

What’s already done for this version (v1.00)?

  • Redid the Gas Giant/Ice Giant textures from the Sol system
  • Redid the loading screens
  • Redid the planet glow effect

What’s still to come for this version?

  • Redo barren planets (not happy with the current ones..)
  • Redo some of the desert planets
  • Add some more garden planets
  • Add some more gas giants / ice giants
  • More resized particle effects, I hope I won’t be getting issues with version 1.04, if I do this means I’ll have to resize ALL the effects already resized, meaning starting from scratch ..
  • Do some changes in planet type research
  • Try to make the starscape more beautiful
  • Make some maps (I really suck at this, if someone want to help out, send me an email: infinitespacemod@outlook.com)

That’s about it for today, as always, feedback is always welcome!

PS: Thanks for the +1500 downloads for v0.99 so far!


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