Status update!

Alright, long time no hear so time for a small status update!

I’ve been working on the stars and changed the green star into a white one and added an orange star too! All star icons have changed so they are a bit more minimal, screenshot is on ModDb, I’ll post some here in the upcoming days).

Added orbiting moons to planets, these will spawn at random around terrestrial planets (so no ice/gas giants/dwarf planets) and are currently eye-candy only! Thinking of adding some planet bonuses, not sure.

Todo: change the pirate base into dwarf planets/regular planets, but I’m still brainstorming for ideas.. also thinking of adding several sized moons but I’m having some problems resizing them. I think this is about it, I’ll keep my blog updated with new stuff I’m adding, sorry for all the delay but currently busy with real life (sadly.. =] ) so that’s why updates are coming in slowly.


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