Infinite Space 1.02 is out!

A few days late with this post but Infinite Space 1.02 is out! It’s fully compatible with Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.1, all maps are playable, fixed a few minidumps, added some more tweaks etc..

EDIT: There was a problem with the unscaled versions which minidumped the moment you tried to enable the mod, tis has now been fixed and the archive has been updated so you might want to redownload the file again if you want to play the unscaled version.

EDIT 2: Don’t forget to vote Mod of the Year 2012 & Review the mod on ModDb, Thanks!


Get it here:

Infinite Space 1.02

After a long wait, it’s here!

Here it is, Infinite Space 1.01!

There was some delay with the release due to real life problems, but here it is, and in my opinion it’s my best update I’ve done!

Here’s a small list of the things that are new/modified (could be it’s not complete, do not remember all of it out of my head):

  • Main menu is modified
  • Orbiting moons (eye-candy only!)
  • New planet textures (Terran, Carbon, Hydrocarbon, 6 in total)
  • More homeplanet textures + night side textures (9 in total)
  • New planet type: Ice Giant
  • Gas and ice giants can now be colonized (requires tier 5 research)
  • New planet bonus for gas/ice giants: Voxylium, a super rare gas attracting huge bussinesses
  • All planet bonusses have icons now
  • New orange star
  • No more green stars (changed to white)
  • New in-system icon for stars
  • New multi-system icon for stars
  • Modified lens flare effect, looks better now
  • Fixed a glitch with a blue skybox giving a green glow to units (thanks GoaFan!)
  • All starbases have minor anti-fighter capabilities now to counter small bomber attacks
  • Capital carriers have a total of 12 squadrons instead of 10
  • Advent capital carriers now have mines
  • Added a sound mod

Here’s the download link for the mod, or just visit my downloads page:

Infinite Space 1.01