Small patch and new content in progress

Noticed during some longer games I’ve played with the mod that there’s a bunch of missing strings, looking to fix them all in the next update. As for new content, I’ve done a few skyboxes including the Horsehead Nebula, Orion Nebula and the Helix Nebula.

As for other fixes I’m still resizing the particle effects one by one. It’s only a small content addon which I’m taking my time to finish.

Infinite Space 1.02 for SoaSE:R 1.1 this weekend!

This weekend Infinite Space will be released, it’ll be fully compatible with Rebellion 1.1:

  • 2 new carbon planet textures
  • Slightly modified planet glow effect
  • Competitive maps will now show the Infinite Space planet icons instead of the vanilla ones
  • Competitive maps only have vanilla planet types (Terran, Volcanic, Ice, Desert and Gas) but will use new textures.
  • More resized particle effects
  • Re-added some vanilla Rebellion skyboxes

On another note, please vote for Infinite Space as Mod of the Year! Thanks!