About “Infinite Space”

Infinite Space is a mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion!
Current version: 1.02 for SOASE:R 1.1

!! You may not use any portion of this mod without asking me first !!

New planet types more textures

6 new planet types will be introduced:

  • Hydrocarbon
  • Carbon
  • Oceanic
  • Rock
  • Forest
  • Ice Giants

Many more textures have been added for existing planet types, totalling over +60 planets!

Our own solar system

14 planets, planetoids and gas/ice giants from our Sol system are included.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Terra (Luna)
  • Mars
  • Jupiter (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto)
  • Saturn (Titan)
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

New planet bonus system

The new system (or logic, call it what you want!) I’ve implemented is pretty straight forward: you get into a planet gravity well and detect various anomalies on the planet (these are lvl -1 bonuses and are mostly negative). They will mostly affect Population and Planet Development, the rest, not so much!

Upon colonization, survey teams may or may not find lvl 0 bonuses, these range from negative to good i.e. mineral rich soil, biohydrocarbon algae, etc etc..
These will mostly affect population, trade and planet development.

Once colonized, you can scan (planet exploration) the planet for valuable resources such as Uranium, Palladium, …
These resources will attract businesses according to how rare a resource is, Silica is abundant, so it will only attract a small group of businesses (i.e. increase planet population by a small amount). Uranium however is more rare, so it will attract more businesses (increasing planet population by a larger amount).

New envoirnments and rendering

New colored skyboxes are added, as well as a new starfield and starscape stars (the blinking stars on the background). The planet rendering has been changed so the dark side of the planet appears more realistic, creating more dramatic terminators.All planets have new icons, dwarf planets have small icons, normal planets medium size and gas giants large sized icons.


All units and structures have been scaled down by 75% creating a much more realistic atmosphere, planets will look huge!From version 0.99b and on, the download on ModDb will contain 2 versions of the mod: Scaled and Regular.Regular is Infinite Space without the unit scaling, Scaled is the mod with unit scaling. Please note that the scaled version has some minor visual bugs.
I’m currently resizing the particles one by one, but as of version 0.99b, most of the important particle files are resized.If you can look past some of these minor visual bugs, you can truly enjoy Infinite Space as it is meant to be!


Knowledge: The official SOASE forums!
Textures for planets and stars have various sources: the Celestia MotherlodeFreebitmapsGoogle and myself.
Skyboxes are from the Sarcifice of Angels 2 Mod and 1 is made by myself.