I’ve seen some people having issues with the current release + patch, causing it the game to minidump.

Wenever you have a minidump, report them to me (what you are doing, how many players, faction, etc etc..) so I can have a look, I’ve done a test game on a 10 player map and did not have a minidump after about 2 hrs.

UPDATE: Minidump was due to a missing file in the entity manifest and will be fixed in version 1.02 coming this weekend (30/11)!


Small patch for SoaSE:Rebellion 1.1

A day after the release of Infinite Space 1.01 a patch was released to update 1.041 to 1.1 which included some new maps and could not be played because of the mod has not listed these maps in the galaxy.manifest.
This patch fixes a few things:

  • All maps from 1.1 are playable
  • Fixed missing strings
  • Some adjustments to the main menu screen

Please note if you play competitive maps, the planets from Infinite Space are NOT included, did not have the time to make templates for the competative maps.

Infinite Space 1.01 Patch for Rebellion 1.1

How to install:

  • Download the patch
  • Unpack the contents of the patch in the Infinite Space mod folder
  • Overwrite the files when prompted.

Et voila, enjoy!

After a long wait, it’s here!

Here it is, Infinite Space 1.01!

There was some delay with the release due to real life problems, but here it is, and in my opinion it’s my best update I’ve done!

Here’s a small list of the things that are new/modified (could be it’s not complete, do not remember all of it out of my head):

  • Main menu is modified
  • Orbiting moons (eye-candy only!)
  • New planet textures (Terran, Carbon, Hydrocarbon, 6 in total)
  • More homeplanet textures + night side textures (9 in total)
  • New planet type: Ice Giant
  • Gas and ice giants can now be colonized (requires tier 5 research)
  • New planet bonus for gas/ice giants: Voxylium, a super rare gas attracting huge bussinesses
  • All planet bonusses have icons now
  • New orange star
  • No more green stars (changed to white)
  • New in-system icon for stars
  • New multi-system icon for stars
  • Modified lens flare effect, looks better now
  • Fixed a glitch with a blue skybox giving a green glow to units (thanks GoaFan!)
  • All starbases have minor anti-fighter capabilities now to counter small bomber attacks
  • Capital carriers have a total of 12 squadrons instead of 10
  • Advent capital carriers now have mines
  • Added a sound mod

Here’s the download link for the mod, or just visit my downloads page:

Infinite Space 1.01

Should be done soon!

Version 1.01 is almost ready for release, most things like moons, gas giants, new icons are added, only have to add a few more textures for existing planet types so there’s even more variation including: Terran, Carbon and Hydrocarbon.

Check out the updated readme for all the changes.

Also updated the About and Downloads page so it has up to date information.

Keeping you guys posted!

Status update!

Alright, long time no hear so time for a small status update!

I’ve been working on the stars and changed the green star into a white one and added an orange star too! All star icons have changed so they are a bit more minimal, screenshot is on ModDb, I’ll post some here in the upcoming days).

Added orbiting moons to planets, these will spawn at random around terrestrial planets (so no ice/gas giants/dwarf planets) and are currently eye-candy only! Thinking of adding some planet bonuses, not sure.

Todo: change the pirate base into dwarf planets/regular planets, but I’m still brainstorming for ideas.. also thinking of adding several sized moons but I’m having some problems resizing them. I think this is about it, I’ll keep my blog updated with new stuff I’m adding, sorry for all the delay but currently busy with real life (sadly.. =] ) so that’s why updates are coming in slowly.

Gas Giants

Currently working on Gas/Ice Giants, these will be colonizable through research (Tier 5).

Ice Giants will have slightly smaller icons and meshes than Gas Giants, and maximum of 5 resource extractors.
In total there will be 4 Ice giants: White, Aqua (Uranus texture), Yellow and Blue (Neptune Texture).

Now looking into planet bonuses specific to Gas/Ice giants (like He-3, Hydrogen, …, deposits).