Infinite Space 1.02 is out!

A few days late with this post but Infinite Space 1.02 is out! It’s fully compatible with Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.1, all maps are playable, fixed a few minidumps, added some more tweaks etc..

EDIT: There was a problem with the unscaled versions which minidumped the moment you tried to enable the mod, tis has now been fixed and the archive has been updated so you might want to redownload the file again if you want to play the unscaled version.

EDIT 2: Don’t forget to vote Mod of the Year 2012 & Review the mod on ModDb, Thanks!


Get it here:

Infinite Space 1.02

Infinite Space 1.02 for SoaSE:R 1.1 this weekend!

This weekend Infinite Space will be released, it’ll be fully compatible with Rebellion 1.1:

  • 2 new carbon planet textures
  • Slightly modified planet glow effect
  • Competitive maps will now show the Infinite Space planet icons instead of the vanilla ones
  • Competitive maps only have vanilla planet types (Terran, Volcanic, Ice, Desert and Gas) but will use new textures.
  • More resized particle effects
  • Re-added some vanilla Rebellion skyboxes

On another note, please vote for Infinite Space as Mod of the Year! Thanks!